Horst Mahler

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Aufstand gegen die Judenheit

Horst Mahler am 9.01.2017

Das Ende der Wanderschaft


Autor: endederluege

Hier stehe ich, Henry Hafenmayer, ehemaliger deutscher Lokführer. Ich kann dem Völkermord an meinem Volk nicht mehr tatenlos zusehen. Ich tue meine Pflicht. Ich tue was ich kann.

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    Thanks for the thoughtful, balanced, nuanced, evidence-based, practical analysis and logical conclusion to solve what reasonably could be considered the most important and urgent problem facing humanity.
    Highlights of the Presentation
    [14:08] Yahwah is the God of the Jews.
    [17:13] Jewish thought: If A = A is true, then A + B cannot simultaneously be true. German thought: A = A and simultaneously A = B.
    [21:45] Talmud: The world consists of Jews and Gentiles. The Jews are men, and the Gentiles are less than men, they are animals like cattle or sheep.
    [21:58] Jewry is Satan.
    [23:32] Old Testament: Moses preached genocide.
    [31:23] Talmud permits Jews to abuse Gentile children older than 3 years but not Jewish children.
    [32:47] Talmud: Jews must kill the best of the Gentiles, which means Jews must kill all Gentiles, because once the best Gentile is killed, the second-best Gentile becomes the best Gentle.
    [34:31] Talmudic warfare and von Clausewitz: War exists only if an aggressor forces others against their will, and the others resist the aggression. If there is no resistance, then there is no war.
    [47:56] We [Gentiles] will then tell them [Jews], “We know your program.” We know your agenda, we know your goals and strategy.
    [49:49] The Jews believe that their God chose them and assigned them to lie, steal and genocide the Gentiles.
    [50:10] “As we think it is right; National Socialism is the option to come of this crisis.” Note: National Socialism and similar ambiguous words and phrases are not defined in this brief presentation due to time limitations.
    [50:17] Give the Jews an earful of their sacred writngs: Torah, Talmud and Old Testament of the Christian Holy Bible.
    [54:47] German Holocaust-denial lawsuit is at an impasse due to politicization of the issue.
    [59:44] Overcoming cognitive dissonance among the German people.
    [1:01:09] Spread the word about this movement selectively to appropriate social centers.
    [1:02:03] Protocols of Zion and the Talmud say: “To bring all the riches of the world to oneself, and to commit the worst wickedness, but the Gentiles must not notice it.”
    [1:02:41] Jews control political process by democracy (mob rule) and ownership of the mainstream media.
    [1:03:50] All wars are instigated by Jews (international bankers): WW1, WW2 and many more.
    [1:04:25] Old Testament and Talmud prophecy concerning Esau’s blessing are the greatest fear of the Jews.
    [1:08:34] National Socialism is the only possible solution to the Jewish stated intention to destroy all Gentiles. Again, the term “National Socialism” is not clearly defined.
    [1:09:18] Germans must re-appropriate the original writings of Hegel, the philosopher who is wrongly attributed as the author of the misnamed Hegelian Dialectic of thesis, antithesis and synthesis, similar to the Diocletian Method of problem-response-solution.

    Gefällt mir

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